Daniel 2nd and 4th: image and tree

The Beginning of  the time=aion=age is Christ

The fact that Christ is the beginning is stated in Col 1:17-18. How long one aion lasts is not told in the Bible precisly. JW think that one aion is 360 years.
Ortodox church think that it is 70, 80, 120 or 1000 years. I was told by some person in spirit that one aion is 490 years that is 70 times 7 years. That
is told in Daniel 9:24. It is said in Daniel 9:24 actually: One aion for your nation and holy city, one aion for to end the ungodnesses, one aion for to stop
the sin, one aion for to atone iniquity, one aion for to bring everlasting righteousness, one aion for to seal vision and prophet, one aion for to anoint a
most holy place.

So the Christ is the beginning. Which means the year zero is the beginning. Each aion lasts 490 years.

1st aion 000-490 AD
2nd aion 490-980 AD
3rd aion 980-1470 AD
4th aion 1470-1960 AD
5th aion 1960- 2450 AD
6th aion 2450-2940 AD

We can also count time backwards.

- 1st aion 000-490 BC
- 2nd aion 490-980 BC and so on.

So we can look back in history if everything has happened in this order.

Aion 490 BC-000 BC  is the aion for your nation and holy city.
Aion 000 AD-490 AD is the aion for to end ungodnesses.
Aion 490 AD-980 AD is the aion for to end the sin.
Aion 980 AD-1470 AD is the aion for to atone iniquity.
Aion 1470 AD-1960 AD is the aion for to bring everlasting righteousness.
Aion 1960 AD-2450 AD is the aion for to seal vision and prophet.
Aion 2450 AD-2940 AD is the aion for to anoint most holy place.

I was told by Jesus in the year 1998 that next aion we will have is according to John 16:25.
All parables will be explained and Christ will openly tell us everything about his Father.

He told also that Rev. 12 has now happened and this means great joy and gladness to everyone upon earth.
But there is probably one exception. Socialist may have hard time to stay in their doctrine that nothing spiritual exists.
And Satan will be upon earth and he has great power to make miracles. Socialist may have hard time to stay in their doctrine
because of it. If they start to play with miracles and spiritual world and be part of it they can not have joy or gladness.
Satan will have power of making miracles 3,5 years. Despite that everyone should have joy and gladness upon earth.

I will not look back if everything has happened according to Daniel 9:24. I think it has happened close enough.
For instance Aion 000 AD-490 AD to end ungodnesses is same as Daniel 7:4. The first beast (Rome) was given the heart of a man.
Aion 980-1470 was to atone iniquity and Hebr. 11:35-36 tells about inqvisition how many refused to accept atoning by sacraments which
the church was offering. Instead they wanted to be part of the first resurrection.

But like I was told in the year 1998 that John. 16:25 is going to happen for next 490 years it looks like to me close enough Daniel 9:24
The sealing of vision (parables) and prophet.

Daniel chapter 4

In Daniel chapter 2 Nebukadnessar was image or statue's head. In Daniel chapter 4 Nebukadnessar is huge tree.
However that tree will be cut down. This means also that the statue or image will be cut down.
Daniel 4:12-14 means that Nebukadnessar will be taken off all his power for seven aions.
He is no more either the statue neither the tree. He is without any power. But when it is said that he is put in
the chains of bronze and iron we know what it means.

At the school teachers told us that bronze, bronze age means Europe and iron means Turkey or hittities.
It means that the statue is now concerning about Europe and Turkey. Same seems to go with the beasts in
Daniel. 7th chapter. Is it good or bad? That we europeans are called beasts and have images insted
Nebukadnessar who had this portion at first. It was taken off him and granted to us. Why?

Daniel chapter 2

So the tree neither the statue is no more Nebukadnessar but Europe has taken his place.

Golden head is Rome of the first aion 000-490 AD.
Silver is Byzantine and Russia of the second aion 490-980 AD.
Bronze is Holy German-Italic empire 980-1470 AD.
Iron is the Ottoman empire 1470-1960 AD.
Clay is Zionism and Judaism 1715-1960 AD.

These are not my own thoughts but those metals and what they mean was teached me at school. And those aions and kingdoms I got from
originally Estlanders (Sweden): Everymans world history. (Finnish book). Only new idea of mine is that clay must be Zionism and Judaism.

Daniel chapter 4

First beast is Rome 000-490 AD. Lion which have humans heart. Two wings are Greece and Spain perhaps. Meaning tribes of Jacob himself
and Levi.

Second beast is Byzantine and Russia 490-980 AD. Bear with three ribbons in teeth (Poland, Finland, ?) perhaps.

Third beast is Europe 980-1470 AD. Leopard with four heads (France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain) and four wings (Scandinavia-Viikings,
Spain-Portugal, Holland, ?). This is very easy to guess that it can only be Europe because it is said that this beast will have dominion or
power. No-one can be put in place of europeans (including America, Australia) concerning the dominion over world.

Fourth beast is Ottoman empire 1470-1960. Beast with no likness to any other. So hunnis, mongolis, Tsingis Chan, and so on. Those who
carried their kingdom with them on the back of the horses.

So the rolling stone destroying the image should have been put in the motion about 1960 AD. And what we have here. Just about that
time there were music style called. Rock 'n' Roll and Bildenberg Group was founded. Bildenberg is swedish and means: The image and the mountain.
Bild and berg. And we had wandering hippies too. We had mass vacations trips to Spain using new airplanes and so on.

More explanations

I read from one JW booklet that Byzantine Constantin Great asked more time for his kingdom. At first he was given only one aion that is
490 years but he prayed God and was granted to have 490 years more time for his kingdom. That is why ortodox church takes one aion
being 1000 years insted 490 years. And actually Byzantine lasted two aions. That goes well with the other metals and beasts too. Some
of them lasted in power two aions instad of only one aion.

Everything I wrote may sound very odd. Because you have not read the same books I have read. And you have not been teached at
school the way I have been teached. I must say that if you are christian or JW it may be bitter for you to realize that our governors
(school teachers) know more about biblical symbols and parables than any christian or JW. They have always known.
For instance: Silver is the symbol of Byzanzine because of icons and bear is for sure Russia, iron for sure is Turkey and so on.

There is very little that I have realized myself. Perhaps only that clay is Zionism. Swedish history writer Estlander lived about the
year 1900 and by that time they did not know much about the history from 1500-1900. They did not know how to arrange
the history of ongoing aion 1470-1960. Everymans worldhistory ends in my opinion to year 1500. Only thing they write after that
time correctly was the history of french revolution. So there is a gasp in history books.

I have wrote this in couple of hours. I left out numerous details and clues. I do not want any christian to believe about the book of Daniel the
way I believe in it. Bible is spiritual and I have materialized its symbols. I do not see any advantage in doing so.

However I want every christian to believe that the aion we are living right now is the aion of John 16:25 and same is told in Daniel 9:24
as the sealing of vision and prophets. I know that there are many christians who just keep on waiting the second coming of Christ.
That is ok too because I was told to do so in the year 1998 too. While waiting I was told to learn chemistry and start vegetarianism.
And wait for that great lightning which is seen throughout the world and aions.

However I do believe that we have future that is prophesied in the books of Bible. And I myself believe that the second coming
of Christ is not near. Instead I believe that Antichrist will appear before year 2043. I believe so because some munk called Malakias
has profesied that Benedictus XVI is the second last pope. And in the Bible it is said that what prevents Antichrist to come must
first be put out of power. I think it can only be pope that prevents antichrist to come.

Lord Zebaoth has told me that Revelation 13 is right now going on. And Jesus asked me to study Revelation 13 side in side with
Revelation 11.

Revelation 13:5 says that the beast will be given a mouth. It already have a mouth of a lion. Lion means Rome and pope. So
the mouth of a lion will be replaced by a given mouth whitch is the false prophet.

I just saw movie: The visual Bible: Gospel of John. In it Pilatus asks what is thruth and Jesus says that more guilty is he who gave Jesus
to Pilate's hands than Pilate himself. Jews gave Jesus to romans (Pilate) hands. So when Jesus says that jews are more guilty than
romans it means that Rome is well protected. That is because St Paul says that whole Israel will be saved. And yet they are more
guilty than romans. So if God have justice he can not but save all romans too.


The bible translation I have used is finnish KR1992. It was made by using the Quran scrolls too. Some things in it are great like
aions and their names. However Psalms are nothing compared to english Psalms. It has provoked very much critics and many
churches have abandoned it. But there are many very interesting details in it that materialize spiritual meanings and show what
has happened already in history and what haven't.

Some words in this document are taken from RSV.

This document is not meant to be taken seriously. What is history is history and all I myself know is that this aion that we are living
right now is the aion of John. 16:25. That is what I have been told. And I must also; little by little start to study Rev. 13 side by side
with Rev. 11. (Rev. 13:11 two horns of lamb; can they be same as Rev. 11:3-4 two witnesses).

I am sad when I write in english or read in english books because I have been prophesied that I will not have any advantage in doing so.
I rather suffer more than gain when I work in english. When I work in finnish I have saints who help me in everything. When I write on a
finnish discussion forums a little message soon I get more and more information concerning about the message in spirit. Sometimes I have to
stay up nights and listen how more and more figures are opened. Working in english I gain absolutely no advantage.

I have said this to you in figures; the hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures but tell you plainly of the Father. (RSV John. 16:25)

I have spoken about this to you in parables; There will be time when I use no longer parables but tell you openly everything about the Father. (KR1992 John 16:25)

Time is 490 years.
Hour is 41,66 years (24hour day) or 83,33 years (12hour day).
Because one day (24h or 12h) is like 1000 years.