Gimme some loving

Some christians are very proud of the love that seems to unite them.
They say that Quran does not even mention the word love and so we
christians must have something unique.

But the truth is that cristians are so sinfull and small that without
love they would have absolutely nothing at all and they could not
stand each others' company for their great sins' sake - without love.

So love is in fact given most to them who haven't got any longer nothing
else left to them. No self respect, no glory, no heroism, no courage. 
They have noting at all to be proud of. Sin has eaten all they perhaps
once had. So God gives them love. What else could he give to them?

Soldiers' are not like that. They have reason to be proud of themselves.
They are heroes and they deserve respect and whatever more. Their last
hope and gift is not love only.

Without love apostole Paul said I had nothing. And he meant it from the
bottom of his heart. Only love could save for what was left from his
self-respect and give him a name and even make something great out of him.

He had nothing in himself. He had to be made an hero by Lord Jesus and
by God. So they gave some love to apostle Paul. And love made a man out
of him. Lord seems to give love to them who are absolutely nothing in

So I hope you don't get angry and upset for the people who are not heroes.
Who have no courage in themselves but are cowards. Only love can force
them to make any sacrifices and let's hope that God the Almighty gives them
someday some love too. So that they can be a hero at least once in their
lifetime. So that they can make at least once a little sacrifice during their
lifetime and perhaps make it even for yours' sake, who have given so much more.

Thurday, 18.6.2009.