300 times a hero

An average christian is ready to put his life on a stake maybe once
in his lifetime to avoid the hell or judgement.
Few may be ready to risk their lives for a friends' sake to show
some love in front of an audience - but again  only once.
So, christians aren't very good soldiers and heroes. And perhaps
Jesus knew it when he said to christians not to carry a sword.

I would not know anything about being a soldier if I had not met
a certain gypsy. Every morning I had to thank God that I was still
alive and that no-one had not slain me while I was asleep.
And God told me that soldiers' life is always like that. They risk
their lives even 300 times a year, that is almost every day and for
what I do not know? Why do they risk and sacrifice so much?

Anyway I think that they deserve 300 times a compensation for their
sacrifices. And everyone should know that they have been heroes 300
times a year when a good Christian have been a hero perhaps only
once in his lifetime.

I do not know what spirit gives them strenght to bear all difficulties
that they must bear during their service. In finnish bible there are
mentioned many diffirent kind of spirits: The Spirit of the truth, The holy
spirit, the Lord's spirit and so on. Sometimes I think they must have got the
spirt of the Lord and I have just the spirit of the truth but I do not
know precisely?

I may look like an idiot to write like this but I must warn you not to 
accept so gratefully a compensation that is too little. If goverment
or your people gives you something as an compensation it is obvious
that it does not fit the real cost or sacrifice you have been given.
So take it and keep it but remember that it can be only a small
interest compared to what you really deserve. I guess no-one can ever
pay you back the real cost.

I hope and pray that you someday get the real compensation from our Lord's
and God's hands. I think you have been hero enough and even more than 
anyone else.

Thursday, 18.6.2009.