Apparation of Christ, Third heaven, Abraham and Vigin Mary

Finland 2003, November 29th.

        He was tall; over 2 meters and all body and face whiter than snow. He walked in a hurry through kitchen wall. He stayed perhaps only about 2 minutes.
His first words were: I come from Mexico and I am going to Sebulon. Then: Your lamp was not burning. Keep your lamp burning always when awaken.

        The real Quran Paradise is now polluted with skeletons of dead men. They used blackmailing and kidnapping. They are like chalked graves. They are
searcing for loots. Human beings are only ones worth to inherit. There is no use to inheriting murderers, stealers or robbers. Money and estates are no useful
any longer. No matter how rich you are. It is no useful to give money away as a gift.

        Verily this world is now cursed and doomed and it shall become a huge sacrify altar where everything beautiful will be sacrified.

But cross given by Christ is light to carry and law is light to carry. But only friends in this world for now on are often robbers and sinners. Who wants to be
friend to the world is the enemy of God.

        His apparation was an apparation of the Son of Man. He explained the Quran and what to be born again means. As concerning the congregation of
Jehowah Witnessess he told that Efraim and Symeon should no longer attend Passover meal and they should leave for streets. He told that Pope is
building himself only and showing loving kindness to himself only. Starman (ufo) can be in high position by the Grace of God. There are now those that
are below slaves. The Slaves of the slaves. Even if there are set free slaves slavery is still the problem. By the Grace of God slave of a slave can be now
a Master.

        Biography on Muhammed (SAAS) is now free to be studied.

        Several weeks before the Apparation of Christ there was Apparation of Jehowah at the Kingdom Hall.
        Several week after the Apparation of Christ there was Apparation of the Third heaven with Abraham and Vigin Mary.
        There were visitings different kinds of heavens and times.